Beatrice Cera

tide together, pretending not to sea

Millions of tons of chemical weapons have been dumped in the last hundred years into the waters of this planet. Now the rigid cages that keep the deathly liquids separated from the liquid that keeps us alive are rusting and deteriorating, leaking poison into the oceans. A body of water doesn’t know rigidness, nor static nature. It implies exchange, it comprises rather than separating.

Dumped bombs as the trace of something else, something that has to do with our subconscious. Faded memories, dark places. Bombs into the water as evidence of our inability to coexist with our planet and environment. Drawing from the essay Bodies of Water by Astrida Neimanis with this project I argue that a different perspective is needed, one that conceives a non–anthropocentric gaze as a starting point. How can we reinvent ourselves as — or go back to be — bodies of water, interconnected with each other and others? How can we not, if we want to survive?

Walk–through installation composed by pictures and recorded sound.

Masters Photography & Society exhibition 24-26 June Bunker at Waterkant Kapelweg 55, 2587 BK The Hague