Diego Reindel

Man vs. Nature

“In the story of Man versus Nature we live in, nature had to be turned into dead goods, into an object in order for humans to dominate it. In modern Western societies everything we can count and measure has a higher value. Emotions and feelings have been devalued as pure subjectivity. But maybe deep inside us we can feel our interdependencies. That’s why we often bury our violent acts against other beings and everything connected to them in the dark. We don’t want to feel the pain. Isn’t this pain an index — just like all of our other feelings are — for a connection? Can we find a way to listen to them as an act of change?

My images illustrate a research on the dialectic of the separation and fascination for other lives on this planet.”

Masters Photography & Society exhibition 24-26 June Bunker at Waterkant Kapelweg 55, 2587 BK The Hague