Lea Novi

Attitudes of Elements

Several million tons of munitions are submerged in the sea. They were dumped in the water during and after the wars as well as conducting nuclear experiments. The shells of the munition consist of metal that is rusting and thereby leaking harmful substances into the sea. These substances are toxic, carcinogenic and change genetic material.

Attitude of Elements addresses the uncertainty I’ve been left with, after trying to find out what the aftermaths of the harmful substances for the flora at sea are. Although the leaked substances are an ecosystem-wide problem, scientific research cannot provide a clear conclusion about the future scenarios. Statements such as “we believe” or “there has to be more research done in the future” were frequently found in the material. I would argue that they illustrate the frightening extent of this quiet scandal.

At this stage of my research I realized that embracing this uncertainty is a way to talk about this issue where the boundary between known and unknown blurs due to too many indefinite variables.

Masters Photography & Society exhibition 24-26 June Bunker at Waterkant Kapelweg 55, 2587 BK The Hague